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high quality

Design in Detail

Who chooses for AG Textiles, chooses for quality. All fabrics have been extensively tested and certified by recognized German test institutes. You will recognize this quality by 

  • flawless tissues
    Thanks to the flawless fabrics you only get satisfied customers. Cutting loss and aftercare make room for higher cost efficiency.

  • color fastness
    Thanks to the high color fastness values, the colors of our fabrics remain fresh and deep, even after prolongued use.

  • ample choice
    You have a choice of over 300 colors and designs.
    Within Europe you can have almost any combination out of stock within 24 hours.

  • professional workmanship
    For the processing of the fabrics, AG Textiles only works with skillfull professionals. They are dedicated and commited to the best result.

With any desired finish

Many fabrics in the AG Textiles collection are flame retardant or antiallergic, dirt repellent or suitable for humid areas. Fabrics that do not have these properties can be treated in the way to gain these characteristics. 
Please ask for the possibilities.


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