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Hard, this Coronacrisis

Yet it also makes us wiser

We say it honestly. The corona crisis has a major impact on us. Uncertainty about the future, causes the number of orders to decrease. Companies tighten their purchasing policy and limit their stock. However, there is another side to this crisis. We feel genuine connection with every phone call. We are all in this together, which ensures mutual understanding. And ... we have a little more time.

AG Textiles, Tilburg, The Netherlands

Time for other things

With a little more time, possibilities have been created for self-development, for example through online courses. We take a critical look at the existing collections. We look at projects that often have been pushed to the background because of the lack of time. And we look at some work processes differently.

The best possible service

At the same time we offer our relations, of which you are one, the best possible service. We are easily accessible and do everything we can to deliver the incoming orders. Guaranteeing delivery times can be difficult. These may be slightly delayed at times, but we hope you don't experience too much inconveniences.

Positive signals

Fortunately, there are also signals that help to look positively at the future. In various countries the measures are now more flexible, which has led to a careful increase in contacts and the number of orders. In our own country, discussions about the re-start are also in progress. The old level of freedom will undoubtedly take a while, but we are confident that we will be able to look each other in the eye again in the near future.

R&T Stuttgart

In this context, our preparations for the R&T fair in Stuttgart continue as usual, even though nobody knows whether the fair is able to take place. We keep the faith that by then everyone will be back on track. In that case it will be our pleasure to welcome you with open arms and proudly present our new collections.

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