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Specially for you: A source of inspiration

Did you know that our production capacities are almost unlimited? We can supply any fabric with any yarns you require and adapt your color to your theme or the current season. You only need to submit your request to us.

The first inspiration card of AG Textiles

To give you an idea of ​​the countless possibilities, we have examined the color of the year - Pantone color (19-4052) Classic Blue . We ran eight basic fabrics through the same Classic Blue bath. The results even surprised us. While one material shows a deep, even blue hue, the other shows a sparkling shimmer. And then we are only talking about a fraction of the possibilities within one color!

The first inspiration card

To take you into our world and everything that we can make possible, we have an inspiration card for you. The inspiration card is still new, for you and for us. As a permanent contact of AG Textiles, you will receive it after the summer holidays. Do you want to be sure of an inspiration card? Request this limited edition now!

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