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Not one, but two colors-of-the-year

Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Gray

In the past year we showed you how the color of the year - classic blue - led to surprising developments. It even created a fascinating inspiration card. You will understand that our expectations are high now that Pantone has chosen not one, but two colors-of-the-year. The colors embraced us immediately. We look forward to getting started with this!

Not one, but two colors-of-the-year - AG Textiles

Strength and hope

Pantone calls the combination of "Illuminating Yellow" and "Ultimate Gray" sparkling and sober, practical and rock-solid, warm and optimistic. Although at first glance the colors appear to be each other's opposites, we immediately see combination possibilities that are appropriate for this time. Who doesn't want to work with colors that radiate strength and hope?

Keep following us

We are eager to discover what this color combination can do for our fabrics. So stay tuned!

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