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Synonymous with quality

Within our route to energy saving and sustainability the desire for quality remains strong. AG Textiles should be synonymous with the company that stands for quality to you. 
You will find this in the good technical specifications of our textiles, including the "RAT values" (Reflection, Absorption, Transmission). Our fabrics can play with sun, the cold and the heat in such a way that they do not only add value to the interior, but also lower the energy consumption.

AG Textiles

Did you know that

… all AG Textiles fabrics are produced in European countries and preferably close to home? This makes it easy for us to only choose products that meet the highest standards in terms of quality, energy and the environment. In addition, all products are manufactured in accordance with the REACh, RoHS and Ökotex 100 standards and we mainly work with PVC-free yarns. This is how we take deliberate steps to minimize our carbon footprint.

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