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Challenge us!

More possibilities than you think

We just keep repeating it. There are more fabric possibilities than you think. Do you have something in mind, but you don't think it is possible? Discuss it with us!

Challenge us - AG Textiles

Fashion trends play an important role in the sun protection industry. If pastels play the leading role in the current fashion image, you are guaranteed to find them in our collection. However, this does not mean that other developments have disappeared from the range. We can still deliver all fabrics in different colors. We can make them more and less transparent, fire-retardant, water-repellent or even antibacterial. And have you ever thought of a semi-transparent material with a subtle print which creates a surprisingly playful effect?

Challenge us!

In short, submit your wishes and ideas to us and we will investigate how we can realize them. Let us think along with you! 

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