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In new colors

The summer period has provided good energy within AG Textiles.
Designs for the 2022 collection are already in full swing and the first results are already in production.
ALO and BAM are now also available in new colors.
ALO and BAM have been a permanent part of our collection for years. The colors, which are built up ton-sur-ton within the fabric, provide a lively and refined effect. As a result, the materials and motifs are popular with a large number of partners. A good reason to expand the color range of these two best-sellers.

Windowfabric BAM of AG Textiles

The BAM is woven in such a way that the front and back of the fabric differ and at the same time match perfectly. This makes the fabric remarkably versatile. This can be used on both sides, also in combination with each other. 

Windowfabric ALO of AG Textiles

The ALO has beautiful multicolored weft yarns for the playful effect.

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