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Sheer Fabrics

Plenty of light and plenty of shade

If there is one season we do not want to miss, it's spring. We want to enjoy the warmth, the new growth and the bright light. The perfect moment to draw attention to our Sheer Fabrics. 

Sheer Fabrics is the name of our transparent fabric collection. They are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to let the light in and keep out the intense sun. This makes the Sheer Fabrics very popular in living or work areas, either small and cozy or large and open. After all, Sheer Fabrics stand for lightweight, transparency and openness.

Sheer fabric - AG Textiles

Endless possibilities

Ask our account managers about the possibilities. Sheer Fabrics are available in a range of attractive colors, in various degrees of transparency and in various designs. With playfully applied weft yarns and stitching, the Sheer Fabrics can be a jewel for any room! They are suitable for curtains, rollers, panels and even pleated blinds.

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