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The ultimate sun protection material

Blackout fabrics

In the middle of the summer months, the desire to keep the heat out increases. Now is the time to showcase our blackout fabrics. The Taft Blackout – TBO and the Taft Metal Blackout – TMB keep rooms pleasantly cool. These high quality fabrics are a jewel for the interior.

The TBO is colored on the front and has viscose on the back. The TMB is metallized on one side and has viscose on the other side. That makes these Tafts the ultimate sun protection material for rooms that you want to keep nice and cool.

Taft metal blackout - AG Textiles

Strong properties

Both Tafts are 0% light and UV translucent. This ensures optimal sun protection, even in the middle of summer. In addition, the Tafts are fire retardant. You understand, with this they meet the safety requirements for public buildings such as offices, schools and hospitals.

Coming up

New blackout fabrics are also being developed. Our designers are currently working on new qualities with a combination of polyester and linen. As you know, linen is a natural fiber and therefore challenging to make fire-resistant. Stay informed about these new developments! Follow us on social media.

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