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Design in Detail

Always looking for better

With 42 years of experience, AG Textiles can be considered a skilled specialist in window decoration. Many things have changed over the years. The productdevelopment has always remained in motion. New designs and improvements in the fabrics, finishes or colors of our materials are almost the order of the day.

Strong in quality

Other things are still the same as at the start of the business. The urge for quality has become one of our core values. You will notice that immediately if you visit our company. Whomever you speak, everyone strives for the best. Do you have a complicated request? Then we even get fired up. Challenges bring out the best in us.

A powerful B2B partner with great capacity

In terms of size, we belong to medium-sized companies. We are proud of it. It gives us the flexibility and impact of the smaller organization. Nevertheless, our capacity is more than sufficient to deliver flawlessly for larger projects as well. You will find our products in the housing and utility buildings, in the care, shipping and aviation industries.

AG Textiles, design in detail, Tilburg, Netherlands

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