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With BREEZE everything is possible

You already know that BREEZE is available in 19 beautiful colors, the quality is phenomenal and the processing options are almost endless. BREEZE's stitched designs are certainly up-to-date. But now we can add another unique quality to this list. BREEZE is even more versatile than expected.

The BREEZE Trevira CS yarns are woven in color. However, for the Classic Blue inspiration card, we have also ran the naturally colored cloth through a dye bath, with a surprising effect! So BREEZE can also be dyed in any desired color after weaving. We can even provide the fabric with stitching. We have already included two stitched designs in our high quality collection. One with a leaf motif and one with curls. The message is certainly clear. With BREEZE, anything is possible!

Good price, high quality! Ask us for more high quality fabrics.

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