AG Textiles is your skilled specialist in window decoration. Textiles are our core business. Over the last few years the developments in the textile industry have been extensive. Many product development challenges have come through our company and, once again, we realized textiles are what we do best. We have therefore decided to find a team that can proceed with the Uniflexx® 20mm pleated system in a way that exceeds the vision we’ve always had for it. And that team is Vako.


Since 1984 Vako, innovators in window systems, is a leading international manufacturer of curtain systems and accessories. They design, develop and produce window solutions that will take less time to assemble and assure a smooth and reliable operation. With a complete and wide range of applications for soft textiles for small, medium and large window surfaces they supply the full breadth of the market. Their business partners are large curtain workrooms, whole sale, window coverings industry and large (global) retailers.
Innovating is in Vako’s DNA. They are proud to say that they conduct the entire manufacturing process in-house. This is how they are able to guarantee quality, and how they are able to quickly switch from idea to design and from development to production. This approach guarantees that their customers benefit from the best, beautiful and modern solutions